How do I contact Elinor?

The first step is to book here and arrange a time for a free 30 minute consultation call to discuss your situation in more detail and to check that one of my Therapeutic Coaching programmes would be suitable. 

If you prefer you can email me here (I will get back to you within 24 hours).

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What is an initial consultation call?

Every client is different, but I always offer an initial consultation call to  understand more about your circumstances, difficulties and goals for coaching. This provides you with an opportunity to see if therapeutic coaching feels right for you, and to think about the next steps.  If the ‘fit’ doesn’t feel right for either you or me, I am happy to recommend a different therapist or coaching option that might suit you better.

Can I have more than 6 sessions?

Although most clients meet their goals within 6 sessions, some clients choose to continue to further progress with their personal and relaitonship growth. These extra sessions can be purchased individually or as another set of 6.

Do you also offer longer term counselling?

I do offer longer term counselling and psychosexual therapy, both in person and face to face, but am not taking on new clients at this stage. If this is something you are particularly looking for, please do let me know.

Where are you based? Do you offer online sessions?

All my Therapeutic Coaching programmes are online only. 

For counselling clients, I am able to offer a limited number of face to face sessions, I offer sessions as part of the team at Kingsclere Counselling Service which is located off the A339 between Basingstoke and Newbury. There is free parking on site.

I am already seeing an individual therapist. Can I come for couples coaching too?

Yes, I see many clients where one or both partners are also seeing their own individual therapists. This can be a beneficial way of accessing further support outside the relationship and deepening your self awareness. 

I am unable to see the same clients for both couples therapeutic coaching and individual couaching simultaneously. If you would like some additional individual therapy alongside your couple work with me, I would be happy to recommend a different therapist or coach who you can see for those individual sessions. 

Can you fix our relationship? Or will you encourage us to break up?

I don’t believe that there is ever a ‘quick fix’ to relationship problems, and I can’t promise to wave a magic wand and to make things better. However by committing to real behavioural change, many of my clients notice real positive improvements to their lives or relationships within a few sessions.

I can support you in exploring your difficulties, and through practicing new exercises and forming new patterns of relating, you may find that you aren’t broken after all… I find the clients that make the most progress are the ones who are dedicated to making time for their relationship in between sessions, which will include completing homework tasks, prioritising quality time for each other, and open communication exercises.

I don’t encourage clients to break up. But I don’t have an agenda to keep you together either. My focus is on supporting you to deepen your understanding of your relationship dynamic and to make the best decisions for your own personal circumstances and your joint goals.

My partner wants to come for couple's coaching but I’m not sure. Will you side with them? Will you tell me that I’m wrong?

It’s understandable to have reservations about coming for sessions and it takes many clients a long time before deciding to contact me. I encourage you to ask whatever questions you need, and share your worries about with me. If I don’t think it’s the right time to start coaching, then I’ll let you know. I don’t take on clients who aren’t emotionally able to commit to the programme.

However my focus for couple clients is on your relationship, and helping you reach your joint goals, rather than taking sides. I won’t favour one of you over the other, and I will work hard to make sure that there is a balance in our work where both of your voices are heard.

I won’t tell you or your partner that you are wrong, but I will challenge you and keep you accountable. I can promise that I can help you both to think creatively about how you can communicate and behave differently with each other. 

How do the Therapeutic Coaching programmes work?

There are 3 Therapeutic Coaching programmes: Rediscovering You (for individuals), Rediscovering Connection (for couples) and Rediscovering Intimacy (for sexual difficulties). Each programme is 6 sessions long, with 50 minute long sessions taking place every fortnight. Between sessions you will have access to resources and exercises tailored to your needs, email support from Elinor and a private Facebook group.

How much does Therapeutic Coaching cost? Is the first session free?

The initial consultation call, up to 30 minutes, is always free for all clients to check suitability. 

All 6 session Therapeutic Coaching programmes start at £1200. I can accept cash or payment via BACS transfer.

Payment for the programme is taken in advance of the first session with a 24 hour cancellation policy for any sessions which you need to reschedule.

I am happy to offer a payment plan if you would prefer not to pay upfront. Please discuss this with me at the consultation call.

How soon can I get an appointment? Do you work in evenings or weekends?

During our consultation call, I will let you know what availability I have and offer you any session times that are currently free, which is usually within 10 days of you contacting me. Please note I am unable to hold these sessions for you until you have confirmed with me that you would like to go ahead and book. 

I work Monday-Friday daytimes, and do offer a limited number of evening weekday sessions until 8pm. I don’t work at weekends.

When I am fully booked, I keep a short waiting list of clients and can contact you when I have availability. Alternatively I am happy to recommend a different trusted therapist or coach.