Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can help if you’re struggling with relationship difficulties.

Is my marriage over?

Why can’t I commit in relationships?

Why can’t I get over my break up?

How do I get back to feeling like myself?

Let me help support you during this distressing time.

Sometimes the loneliest place is within an uphappy relationship.

However it doesn’t mean that things are easy when a relationship comes to an end.

Many individuals notice that relationship difficulties and breakdown affects their mental health, self esteem and ability to feel hopeful about future relationships.

If you’ve lost the spark in yourself because of issues around relationships, let me help.

I offer online counselling, relationship therapy and coaching throughout the UK.

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Individual therapy can help with the below areas:

    • Emotional support during divorce & relationship breakdown
    • Deciding whether to stay or leave
    • Rebuilding self esteem
    • Help with dating
    • Improving body image
    • Anxiety around future relationships
    • Exploring who you really are
    • Questions or worries around sexual orientation
    • Exploring committment difficulties
    • Support after abusive or traumatic relationships

Real interpersonal change

Some reviews from happy clients


Ms K

2023 Client

I can’t tell you how helpful I’ve found our work together. I feel like a different person and finally feel able to feel positive about my future, which isn’t a place I thought I could be 6 months ago. Thank you so much for everything.


Mr J

2022 Client

I found the sessions invaluable, such a weight lifted each week and really appreciated the insights and different ways of thinking through issues.”


I know there are alot of therapists and coaches out there. Here’s what sets me apart.

Proven Qualifications

I am a qualified Relationship and Psychosexual Therapist, the result of over 9 years of study.

15+ years of experience

I’ve been working in therapy and mental health my whole career. I understand people.

I believe in you

I’m passionate about our ability to adapt and thrive, no matter what life throws at us.

A pragmatic, human approach

I’m warm and an excellent listener. But I’m not going to sit there silently. I’m here to empower and help you reach your goals.

Excellent Client Satisfaction

97% of my clients felt our work helped them with their difficulties.

Processing the past

My therapy training means I can support you with your past difficulties or trauma as well as helping you reach your future goals.