Infant Loss

including Miscarriage and Support during Pregnancy After Loss

I believe there is no loss more painful than the loss of a child.

I am an Accredited Infant Loss Practitioner, trained by the Foundation for Infant Loss.

I work with couples and individuals to offer counselling support after miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss and SIDS, as well as helping support clients with managing the understandable anxiety during future pregnancies.

There is no right way to feel after miscarriage or infant loss, and speaking to a professional can help you explore your feelings without having a put on a ‘brave’ face or ‘get over it’. Counselling can help you to unpack the many different ways that you might be feeling, to explore your connection to the loss, and to find ways to cope with a new normal where the loss can be accommodated within your life, rather than forgotten about. In my sessions, there is no pressure to be ‘better’ or think positive. I am here to support you, at whatever stage of grief you are at.

I can also recommend the below organisations for support and information (click name for links):
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