Psychosexual Therapy

Counselling, guidance and support for sex and intimacy difficulties

Talking about sex and physical intimacy is an important part of all Relationship Counselling. Furthermore, I am completing a 2 year specialised advanced training in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy (accredited by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists), which allows me to see clients specifically with Psychosexual difficulties who are seeking specific help in this specialised area.

It can be difficult to know where to start when seeking help for a sexual issue. Many people feel ashamed of their sexual difficulties, or worry about being judged. Other people may feel embarrassed about not knowing the right words for things, or what is ‘normal’.

I work from a sex positive perspective, where I celebrate everyone’s personal choice to have the sex life that they would like to have. For some people, this may be having very little sex or no sex at all, and for other it may be seeking sexual intimacy in new ways. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way to have a sex life. It is your right to choose.

I am able to offer counselling and support around a range of sexual themes, which may include:

  • Worries around desire or a discrepancy between high/low sexual interest levels
  • Rapid or delayed ejaculation
  • Pain during penetration
  • Finding it difficult to become aroused or lubricated
  • Loss of erections
  • Reducing anxiety around sex
  • Questions or worries around sexual orientation
  • Historical sexual abuse or assault
  • Birth trauma and post natal healing
  • Worries about sexual fantasy and/or kinks
  • Exploring gender diversity issues, including supporting non binary and trans clients throughout their personal journeys
  • Religious and cultural messages around sex
  • Open and non monogamous relationships
  • Polyamory and multiple partner relationships
  • Voluntary and involuntary celibacy
  • Sexual problems due to cultural, socio-economic or political factors
  • The impact of disability, mental health problems or medication on sex
  • Exploring asexuality
  • Porn issues

I work at your pace, and focus on what you are comfortable discussing. I may suggest practical and behavioural self-help exercises that empower you and allow you to continue your work between sessions.

Furthermore, I try to offer the chance to think about your sex life in a new light, away from society’s norms and messaging, and I provide sex education where helpful.

I am here to help support you as you explore your own sexuality and deepen your understanding of what you want, and importantly don’t want, in your sexual future. I work with clients of all sexual orientations, gender identifications and cultural beliefs.

Psychosexual Therapy is a talking therapy and I will never ask you to remove your clothes or show me parts of your body. Any suggested exercises are for you to do at home, in between sessions.

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