Rediscovering You

The Rediscovering You Programme

It’s painful feeling lost in your own life.

Watching other people move forward in their lives, reaching their life goals.

Being the only single person at the dinner party.

Knowing that while your professional life is thriving, your personal life is falling apart.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As a Relationship Therapist, I help individuals overcome past relationship pain and loneliness to build a healthier relationship with themselves, recognising their strengths and feeling happier than ever.

I don’t believe positive change should take a long time.

In fact, most of my clients start to notice amazing change within just 1 or 2 sessions. Throughout the 6 session programme, I will suggest practical and behavioural self-help exercises that empower you and allow you to continue your work between sessions.

Longlasting change starts here. 




 What issues do I work with? 

  • Life after divorce or relationship breakdown
  • Not achieving your personal expectations and life goals
  • Worries about fertility and the pressure of the biological clock
  • Problems dating and finding a partner
  • Low Self Esteem or poor body confidence
  • Work stress or anxiety
  • Difficulties from your family or upbringing
  • Difficulties maintaining relationships
  • Gender or Sexuality concerns
  • Questioning whether you should leave your relationship
  • Commitment worries
  • The loss of a special relationship or person
  • Any issue where you feel lost, in emotional pain or confused about what to do next






Real personal change

Some reviews from happy clients


Mr K

2022 Individual Client

Elinor has helped me completely transform how I see myself and my relationships with others. She helped me to understand where feelings and behaviours were coming from and how to process them and accept them positively. She’s helped me to re-evaluate the importance of all my relationships (family, friendships etc) to give better balance in my life and my emotions. I barely recognise who I was before!”


Ms F

2022 Individual Client

Elinor helped me to start thinking about myself again and to be more positive after an experience in life which completely threw me off track. I’m feeling more confident and capable than I ever have, and starting to enjoy my life for the first time in a long while. Thank you so much for everything.


I know there are alot of therapists and coaches out there. Here’s what sets me apart.

Proven Qualifications

I am a qualified Relationship and Psychosexual Therapist, the result of over 9 years of study.

15+ years of experience

I’ve been working in therapy and mental health my whole career. I understand people.

I believe in you

I’m passionate about our ability to adapt and thrive, no matter what life throws at us.

A pragmatic, human approach

I’m warm and an excellent listener. But I’m not going to sit there silently. I’m here to empower and help you reach your goals.

Excellent Client Satisfaction

97% of my clients felt our work helped them with their difficulties.

Processing the past

My therapy training means I can support you with your past difficulties or trauma as well as helping you reach your future goals.