Relationship Counselling

Professional therapeutic help for individuals and couples with relationship difficulties

Occasional relationship difficulties are a part of life. However when it becomes part of your everyday, then it’s time to seek help.

We all know what it feels like when you’re having relationship problems. That anxious, tense feeling inside. It can feel like you have to walk on eggshells. That you just don’t know how to connect anymore. You can feel worried about saying the wrong thing, or find yourself snapping at your partner over small things.

I’m passionate about relationships, and want to help you to enjoy a happier, healthier and more intimate life with your partner. Successful relationships allow us to thrive and have a wider positive impact on our mental health, our careers, family life, and future hopes. Conversely relationship problems can can cause us to feel lost, overwhelmed and rootless. When our closest relationships feel under threat, we don’t always know where to turn.

Do I need Relationship Therapy?

Relationship problems affect all of us from time to time. Maybe you’re used to having a fiery relationship, and so a few arguments don’t worry you too much. However if you notice that you’re having more conflict, feeling increasingly lonely, or finding it hard to communicate with each other, then it could be a good time to seek relationship therapy.

It can be hard to know if you need relationship therapy, because sometimes it’s hard to know what ‘normal’ is. However it can be helpful for you to consider whether your relationships have allowed you to feel truly accepted, happy and satisfied? Whether you feel your partner understands you and where you have an open and honest culture to talk to each other easily? Where emotional and physical intimacy feels natural and safe? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then it might be good for you to seek some relationship counselling.

Can Relationship Therapy help me?

Relationship therapy can help lots of people, and I work with both individuals and couples experiencing relationship or sexual difficulties.

This used to be called ‘marriage guidance’ but in fact I work with everyone whether they are married, single, co-habiting, in a long term partnership, or something else! I welcome couples and individuals of all backgrounds, sexualities, and identifications, as well as those in open or multiple partner relationships.

I am here to empower and enable you to explore your relationships, both past and present, and help you make sense of how you’re feeling. For some people, this helps them to decide what needs to change in their relationship. For some, it helps them feel greater trust and affection for their partner. For others, it allows them to leave an unhappy situation. For everyone, it provides a space to think, reflect, and wonder about how things could and can be different.

I focus on the patterns and dynamics of your relationship with no blame, no shame.

I offer a safe place for you to explore key issues and discuss how things can be improved.

What relationship issues do you work with?

– Infidelity, affairs and trust issues

– Communication difficulties and arguments

– Maintaining a healthy relationship after the arrival of a baby

– Fertility issues and the impact of infant loss

– Worries around dating and finding a partner

– Sexual and physical intimacy difficulties

– Difficulties maintaining relationships

– Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity issues

– Blending families and step children

– Improving parent-child relationships

– Commitment worries

– The loss of a special relationship or person

– The impact of mental ill health

– Financial difficulties

– Helping clients separate amicably

“The sessions with Elinor improved the way we communicated with each other and dealt with conflict. We felt cared for and supported”.

Former client

Get in touch below. Letโ€™s start thinking about your relationship together.

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