“Working with Elinor was great, both in person and online. We took away something from every session and the ‘homework’ helped us to improve communication at home”


“Elinor has helped me completely transform how I see myself and my relationships with others. She helped me to understand where feelings and behaviours were coming from and how to process them and accept them positively. She’s helped me to re-evaluate the importance of all my relationships (family, friendships etc) to give better balance in my life and my emotions. I barely recognise who I was before!”

“Elinor was patient and worked at a pace that suited us. Once ready to move on, Elinor supported us to take our learnings into our day to day lives independently of our sessions with her.” 

“Elinor is kind and approachable. I always felt comfortable and safe with her. She gave us practical skills and tools which we can use for many years to come.”


“Elinor puts you at ease very quickly, is a very good listening and rapidly gets to the heart of the problems.”


“We found the sessions really beneficial and it has helped us navigate our differences in a much more constructive way. Thanks for all the help! If anyone we knew asked about couples counselling, we would recommend Elinor without hesitation”


“The therapy offered just what we were looking for. It provided some useful tools for managing problems in our relationship and the sessions themselves were also very constructive. It hasn’t solved all our problems (inevitably) but we now feel much better equipped to deal with any problems we encounter”


“As we were new to counselling, Elinor made it easy for us to talk to her and we felt welcomed. She gave us great advice and it really improved the reason why we sought her advice in the first place. We would highly recommend Elinor” 

“Elinor was excellent in terms of finding out about my issues and giving me insightful content to help me work through them, even after the session had finished. She is very warm, welcoming and approachable in terms of dealing with sensitive issues. Being online for most of the sessions was no problem and I would have no problem in coming back in the future to pick up where we left off”


“Great resources, exercises to try, knowledgeable to extract key foundations and causes to consider. Extremely professional, and approachable”


“Elinor did a great job of navigating tensions and equipping us with useful tools which we could apply at home. Her approach was very warm, invitational and both of us gained great insights from the experience. Very much recommend!


“I thought it was a very relaxed and personal environment where I could be completely open and honest!”


“We were both sceptical about therapy. However Elinor immediately put us at ease. Elinor gave us the tools we needed to talk and open up and be heard. It made such a massive difference to us”


“Patient, thoughtful, not seeking blame. Elinor helped to keep challenging discussions calm and well directed towards finding common ground and understanding”


“Found the sessions invaluable, such a weight lifted each week and really appreciated the insights and different ways of thinking through issues”


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