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What is Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic Coaching is a blend of the best of coaching and psychotherapy. As a qualified Relationship Therapist, I’m able to support you with whatever life has thrown at you: trauma, hurt, pain, relationship breakdown.

But I also know you don’t want to dwell on the past. You want to process it and move on. To not let past pain define who you are now.

And who you are going to be.

I believe Therapeutic Coaching can help you do this. By giving you space to understand the past, to grow from it, and to build amazing future for yourself.

I work with both individuals and couples of all backgrounds, sexualities, and identifications, as well as those in open or multiple partner relationships. 

I am here to empower and enable you to explore your relationships, both past and present, and help you make sense of how you’re feeling. For some people, this helps them to decide what needs to change in their relationship. For some, it helps them feel greater trust and affection for their partner. For others, it allows them to leave an unhappy situation. For everyone, it provides a space to think, reflect, and wonder about how things could and can be different.

I focus on the patterns and dynamics of your life and relationships and try to understand what has led to some of these issues occurring. Using a tailored blend of motivational interviewing, psychodynamic, systemic and CBT approaches, I can assess and work with you to help make sense of the challenges you are facing. 

Ultimately I offer a safe place for you to explore key issues, discover yourself and build an amazing future.

Therapeutic Coaching Programmes

Whether it’s past or present relationship issues, sexual problems, feeling alone, or something else… I’m here to help you find the way forward.

Therapeutic Coaching for Individuals

If you’ve been hurt by past relationships, I can help you rediscover your strength and rebuild your future.

Therapeutic Coaching for Couples

If you’ve lost the spark, let’s build version 2.0 of your relationship together

Therapeutic Coaching for Psychosexual issues

If sex is an issue, let’s empower you to find a pleasurable and playful sex life.

I can help you build the best relationships of your life.